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Regular dental exams are the key to keep your teeth healthy and cavity-free. Preventative dentistry can stop tooth decay before it happens, and starting a regular routine can be very rewarding. Clearwater Dental can also give you the best advice on how to continue preventive care at home.  

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Preventative dentistry services

If you create good dental habits now, you can prevent further destruction of your teeth in the future.


From general dentistry to root canals, we do it all. Call 208-466-9915 to schedule an appointment for AFFORDABLE dentistry services.

Helping you create good habits

Dr. Thuernagle offers an in-office dental benefit program for those who do not currently have dental coverage. This loyalty plan allows you to receive optimal dental care while maintaining your oral health.

In-office dental benefit program for those without dental coverage

Quality Preventative Dentistry for Your Oral Health

Get a 1-year guarantee if you keep up with cleaning and check-ups every 6 months