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Root canals are a great way to alleviate tooth pain caused by infected pulp in your teeth. Clearwater Dental is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate pain relief you deserve. We use nitrous oxide and anxiety relief medicine to help you relax during the procedure.

• Sensitivity to hot or cold food

• Teeth hurting while biting

• Throbbing and severe tooth pain

• Gum tenderness or swelling

• Bad taste

Symptoms of a serious problem

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If you're having issues with your gums, let us check if it's time for a root canal. Call our friendly staff today at 208-466-9915 for an appointment.  

Gum and root canal specialists

Whether your tooth is fractured or infected deep into your nerve, root canal therapy is the only way to save it. Check out this informative video about the root canal process.  

Informative video explaining our effective root canal procedure

Save Your Teeth with an Efficient Root Canal Treatment

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